Braid Premiere First Single From ‘No Coast’


Braid beat the “emo revival” to the punch in 2011 when they reunited for a series of shows and a new EP, Closer To Closed. While the record failed to live up to fans’ understandably high expectations, there was still hope that a new release from Bob Nanna and company might one day match the heights they achieved on legendary emo records like Frame and Canvas. If “Bang” is any indication, it looks like that day might be here.

The new track, which you can stream over at NPR, features the angular guitar riffs, technical drumming, and sudden tempo changes that defined the band’s golden era. Nanna and Broach’s vocals are in top form as well, ranging from smooth and calm in the song’s introduction and bridge to strained and intense on the middle section, where Broach sings, “I cannot help it. I cannot change. I’m a runaway train.” In short, the song is tailor made both for longtime Braid followers and a younger generation of emo fans raised on Dikembe and You Blew It!

Braid’s new full-length, No Coast, is due out July 8 on Topshelf Records. You can sign up here to get notified when pre-orders are live. In the meantime, check out the dates for the group’s brief summer tour right here.

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