Kid Cudi To Star In And Score Upcoming Borderline Films Production


Few will deny that Scott Mescudi, better known under the moniker Kid Cudi, is a talented individual. Since exploding into the mainstream with 2009’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day, the 30-year-old rapper has gone from a mixtape mainstay to a household name. However, in the near future, the Cleveland native will be taking a step back from music to once again flaunt his often-overlooked on-screen aptitude.

Earlier in the week, “Mr. Solo Dolo” confirmed that he will be starring in and scoring Borderline Films’ latest undertaking, James White. Spawned from a wildly successful Kickstarter, the film revolves around a man “struggling to take control of his reckless, self-destructive behavior in the face of momentous family challenges”—a seemingly perfect synopsis for the mastermind behind tracks like “Mr. Rager” and “Pursuit of Happiness.”

“All I want to do is make cool shit, and this movie is a cool movie. I’m just really proud of it,” said Cudi, who surprised fans back in February by dropping a new album without warning.

Given Borderline Films’ impressive resume (Afterschool, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Simon Killer), James White will likely be one film you won’t want to sleep on. Follow us on Twitter for further updates on the movie’s progress, and share your thoughts with us in the replies below.

Kyle Florence

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