The Upcoming ‘Maniac Cop’ Remake Has Script Writer

Maniac Cop

Most movie lovers have a soft spot for campy and cheesy horror films. Even though they were probably terrifying when they first hit theaters, nowadays some of the effects are almost comical. One horror film that has been a fan favorite for decades is Maniac Cop. It originally aired in 1988, and had two sequels. Plans have been in the works to shoot a remake for quite a long time, but now some information has been revealed that may help the production along a little bit more quickly.

Ed Brubaker is a cartoonist and comic book writer. He’s most commonly known for his work on various comics for Captain America, Batman, Catwoman and a few others. According to Screen Daily, he has been brought on to pen the script for the upcoming Maniac Cop movie. He will be working alongside Nicolas Winding Refn, William Lustig (original director) and Wild Bunch. The director for this work has not been named yet, but we will likely hear about that soon enough.

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