Ghost Stories And Armslength Release New Split

Ghost Stories/Armslength Split

Ohio based bands Ghost Stories and Armslength have released their new split for a name your price value on Bandcamp.

Both being indie based bands from the Ohio area, Ghost Stories and Armslength have joined together in tours, friendships, and now music. While they are both lesser known bands, I hope that with the release of this new split they can begin to be on everyone’s radars as they deserve to be.

Ghost Stories recently went through a singer change, though this alteration in line-up has had no effect on their ability to create vibrant songs. Channeling my favorite aspects of Pedro The Lion, the band returns with two worthy tracks of indie rock.

Armslength has a slightly brighter sound than Ghost Stories, giving each side of the split a perfect contrast. With soaring melodies and guitars, Armslength release their best material yet (try getting “In Passing” out of your head).

Head here to hear Ghost Stories’ side, and here to hear Armslength’s.

Drew Caruso

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