Inanimate Existence Stream Album Version of “The Rune of Destruction”

inanimate existence

If you’re a fan of technical death metal, make sure that Santa Cruz, California’s Inanimate Existence is on your radar. The band’s new album, A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement, is one of my most anticipated of the year, and that was the case even before I heard the final master of their new single, “The Rune of Destruction.” That gorgeous album art surely catches the eye, too.

Following the rough mix released way back in November and clocking in at just under five minutes, “The Rune of Destruction” comes out swinging with precision drumming and shredding guitars before providing face-melting solos, moments of complete groove, and even a smooth, ambient section with guest vocals courtesy of Kaitlyn Kehl. As the band’s previous lead vocalist, Cameron Porras, stepped down to add a second guitar last year, IE brought on Riley McShane from fellow Santa Cruz outfit Son Of Aurelius who will also be releasing a new album this year. It appears that McShane will be balancing vocal duties between both bands.

You can stream “The Rune of Destruction” after the jump and be sure to keep your eyes out for A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement which drops June 24 via Unique Leader Records.

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