Lana Del Rey Reveals ‘Ultraviolence’ Cover Art, Track List, And Release Date


Bow down, bitches. The queen of pop music is back, and her new album is less than a month away from dominating your stereo.

Lana Del Rey has taken a very hands-on approach to promoting her upcoming album, Ultraviolence. Instead of relying on major press outlets to share news and updates regarding the record’s release, Lana has chosen to take charge of handling seemingly every major reveal by herself. It was she that initially shared the title, as well as the single (“West Coast”), and now she has revealed all the little details we have been waiting to see.

Ultraviolence will arrive in stores June 13 and feature eleven tracks, as well as three bonus tracks. So far, the only song fans have heard off the Dan Auerbach-produced effort is “West Coast,” though an early version of “Black Beauty” is believed to have surfaced online last summer. The video files accompany that leak have, unfortunately, been removed. You can view the full track list, as well as the cover art, below.

Speaking of art work, Lana looks as elegant as ever on the cover of Ultraviolence. The black and white imagery is a stark contrast to the bright blues (Born To Die) and gorgeous gold (Paradise) that we saw on previous releases.

Lana is currently touring the country as part of a short promotional run in conjunction with the album’s release. We had the opportunity to catch her show last week and loved every minute of her performance. If you have a chance to see this tour – GO.


01 “Cruel World”
02 “Ultraviolence”
03 “Shades Of Cool”
04 “Brooklyn Baby”
05 “West Coast”
06 “Sad Girl”
07 “Pretty When You Cry”
08 “Money Power Glory”
09 “Fucked My Way Up To The Top”
10 “Old Money”
11 “The Other Woman”
12 “Black Beauty” *
13 “Guns And Roses” *
14 “Florida Kilos” *
* Bonus track

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  • Bobby

    I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to label her the queen of pop. I would consider that an insult if I were her to be lumped in with the Lady gagas and Katie Perry’s of the world. Lana definitely is more in line with legitimate artists like Erika Badu and Vanessa Carlton – you say pop and I think of Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake, music only children can possibly enjoy. Lana is in another stratosphere from anyone who would self-identify with pop.

  • Franchise

    Lana is a goddess and a TRUE artist. The way she paints imagery with her lyrics is unmatched.

  • DonovanPowell Tweets

    hey, Lady Gaga isn’t bad just because she’s more mainstream than other artists. She writes really interesting music that focuses on original themes that are rarely touched upon in mainstream pop. People don’t seem to look past the costumes, album sales, and the radio airplay when deciding whether an artist is good or not.

  • Brian Lion

    Katy Perry*
    Erykah Badu*
    Justin Bieber*

    Also, I’m 27 and like Justin Timberlake. Deal with it.

  • Bobby

    I don’t have to deal with it. There is only so much time in the world and if you choose to fill that time with mediocre talent, then that is your choice. Me, I prefer good music to mass-produced pop garbage that is akin to Barney or Sponge Bob dancing around for morons easily taken in by bright lights and spectacle; dolts who think third grade level lyrics and asinine topics compare to the poetry of true talent. But who am I to judge, Brian Lion? I’m sure you grew up listening to Backstreet Boys, and InSync, and Sysqo, and Nelly – you know, the real musicians in this world. It’s a good thing you got into music journalism, we need more people to agree JT is amazing. Boob.

  • mona

    “There is only so much time in this world” so why waste your time worrying about what music other people listen to? The good music is out there and those who want to look will find it.

  • Bobby

    I’m not worrying about what other people listen to. I just don’t like legitimate artists like Lana being lumped in with pop turds like Justin Timberlake – and so-called music journalists who can’t tell the difference.

  • Brian Lion

    Yeah, because since I like JT, I’m not capable of enjoying other genres of music which automatically means that I wasn’t raised on The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Neil Young. You’re very wise.

    Also, I didn’t say JT was amazing, I said I liked him. If you saw my iTunes library, your body would shut down, because it would disprove your narrow-minded theory in so many ways, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  • Bobby

    Somehow, I doubt it. There is a mental deficiency requisite to enjoy pop music; a retardation of the senses, if you will. Liking JT automatically disqualifies you from truly enjoying The Beatles (you may appreciate them, but never understand them) because the creative spirit they embodied is the polar opposite of the sentiment behind the corporate machine that pumps up the little girls and boys for a new Jay-Z/JT collabo.

    It’s fine that you enjoy Justin Timberlake, Bri, I’m not mad at you – I just think you’re retarded. And not in the drooling on yourself kind of way, but the arrested development type of way.

  • Brian Lion

    You’re so sweet. I bet you have a lot of friends. I feel enlightened and a tad less retarded this morning thanks to your wisdom and musical intellect. I don’t even like JT anymore. I’m not sure how you did it, but I now officially hate pop music. And here I thought I was the open-minded one with an expansive taste. That must have been my retardation kicking in. Thank you, Bobby — you’re one of a kind.

  • ryallen

    The sad part is you’re not a troll. You actually believe the shit you’re spewing. And that’s everyone’s fault for making you think that simple fun things can’t be as good. I’m sorry we did this to you.

  • Bobby

    You’re right, you did do this to me. Clogging the airwaves with music made for children – I seriously cannot tell the difference between a JT lyric and Baa Baa Blacksheep. And your choice in words is telling: Simple. It is simple. It is easy. It is lazy. If that’s the way you want to go through life, that’s up to you – and you’re certainly not alone – but while you’re chugging from your box of wine, I’ll be looking down my nose, enjoying an Almaviva Puente Alto, laughing at the simple choices of a simple people.