Ben Affleck’s Batman Revealed


Yesterday we were given a tease of the new Batmobile for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Director Zack Snyder claimed that the tarp would come off today, and boy did he deliver.

Not only have we been given a nicer shot of the Batmobile, but we have also been given our first look at Ben Affleck’s Batman. Bulked up, brooding, black, and butt-chinned, Affleck’s Batman is quite reminiscent of The Dark Knight Returns comic arc. Sporting much shorter ears, a giant bat symbol on the chest, as well as a more cloth like looking Batsuit, this is surely a different Batsuit than we are used to for the big screen, and I am all about it.

It’s not that I didn’t love everything about Christopher Nolan’s Batman, but I believe it is time that the Caped Crusader was given a different look from the Kevlar, sleek style we are used to. Synder’s version is definitely more comic book-esque than before, and it should be refreshing to see on screen. We still do not have an indication of what the color scheme of the suit will look like — hopefully that will be revealed in the future as well.

While it may lean more towards Frank Miller’s interpretation, if the tone of the photo is any indication at all, Batman still feels like the torn soul we are used (there even seems to be some marks on the suit itself).

Follow us after the jump to see the awesome new Batsuit.


Drew Caruso

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