Say Anything’s Live Band To Include Fred Mascherino And More

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Say Anything‘s summer tour kicks off in June, and in an update from the band, Max Bemis revealed what he likened to an “all-star lineup” of musicians that will make up their touring band.

New additions to their live band will include Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred, Terrible Things), Greg Dunn (Moving Mountains) and Kenny Bridges (Moneen). Filling out the band will be Reed Murray (Tallhart) and Garron DuPree (Eisley), who have been playing with the band for a while.

In the same update from the band, Bemis noted that the band will be reinterpreting their new songs for guitars. Last month the band revealed that their forthcoming album Hebrews will have no guitars on it. It should be interesting to compare the new songs in their live and recorded versions.

Head after the jump to check out the full update from the band. Head to their website to see where you can catch them out on tour this summer.


So we are heading out on tour in June and July. The dates are June 13th through July 27th. Another cool aspect of this tour – it’s the first tour in support of our new record which is orchestral so we’re actually going to be taking the songs and retooling them a little bit, and they’re going to be played on guitars for the most part which is going to be really cool, almost reinterpreting the songs.

As I’ve said, Say Anything has become more of a collective than a strict band so the guys that have been playing with us live thus far are taking a little bit of a break to work on their band XO. They’re still in Say Anything as much as they ever were.

But on this tour, Fred Mascherino from The Color FredTaking Back Sundayand Breaking Pangea and Terrible Things, Greg Dunn from Moving Mountains and Kenny Bridges from Moneen are all going to be playing in the band as well as Reed Murray and Garron DuPree who have been playing with us for a while. Garron, of course, is known most for being in Eisley and Reed was in Tallhart who are on our label.

So it’s almost like an all-star lineup, and definitely people that I’m almost intimidated to share the stage with but being that they’re going to be reinterpreting songs from the record I think it’s going to be cool to have a change and see people approach all of those songs – our old stuff and our new stuff – with a fresh set of ears. And all those guys are such great performers, they tend to rock out quite a bit, which jives with the circus that is a Say Anything show.

Love,  max.

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