UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: This Old Ghost – “Lasso The Moon”

This Old Ghost

Following the release of Family Room early last year, we were bummed to receive the news that This Old Ghost would be taking a break, indefinitely. It’s been roughly seven months since the band’s announcement and as of now their hiatus stands.

This Old Ghost’s name may gain relevance as each day passes but despite their discontinuance, the band has teamed up with UTG to premiere a new music video for “Lasso The Moon,” the penultimate track off 2013’s Family Room. The video features live footage from the band on tour and displays the chemistry and friendship within a group of talented musicians as they hit the road and perform together night after night.

You can view the visuals for “Lasso The Moon” after the jump where you can also read through a brief interview with Ian McGuinness about the video and This Old Ghost. We’ve also included a couple Family Room B-sides for your listening pleasure.

UTG: With the band having announced your break-up back in October, what made you decide to release this video some 7 months later?

IM: We were all hanging out one night a few months ago and started watching some old tour footage. We started talking about how we never really had a proper music video so we thought it’d be nice to edit something together from the footage of our last tour.

UTG: And what can you tell us about the video? Was it all shot from one specific tour?

IM: We did a two-week run up the east coast with Charles Keith Sztyk in February of 2013. Our friend David Ross traveled with Charlie and shot all of the footage. Ryan [Sniffen] and I had some free time so we put it together in a few days. We actually had another video in the works, which was more of a story-based concept but it wasn’t finished.

UTG: As you’ve become more heavily involved in your solo work since that announcement in October, do you foresee This Old Ghost continuing on in any capacity beyond releasing this video?

IM: I’m definitely not ruling it out but I’m having fun focusing on Side Saddle at the moment.

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