Holy Sh!t: The Blood Brothers Have Reunited


The rest of the entertainment industry can go ahead and take the weekend off. The best news you will hear all month long has just been revealed, and it may only be the tip of the iceberg as far as a particularly influential group’s long-awaited comeback is concerned.

FYF Fest announced their 2-day lineup this afternoon, and located three slots into the second day of headliners were none other than The Blood Brothers. Yes, the same band who told you that love rhymes with hideous car wreck are coming out back from hiatus to perform at least one show, but we certainly hope more will follow. You can view the poster for FYF Fest at the end of this post. Tickets for the festival go on sale next Thursday, May 22, at noon. Click here for more details.

This may only be a coincidence, but this fall will mark the 10-year anniversary of Crimes being released in stores. It was the fourth full-length album from The Blood Brothers, and many believe it to be their finest effort to date. We are hopeful this reunion results in a nationwide tour in support of the album hitting the decade mark, but at this time no such plans have been made public.

We interviewed Blood Brothers’ guitarist Cody Votolato last year when Burn, Piano Island, Burn hit the decade point and he commented that a reunion was never out of the question:

UTG: In the years that have passed since the group parted ways in 2007, a lot has changed. You’ve all grown and gone on to pursue new creative avenues, but do you think a time will ever come when The Blood Brothers are together again?

CV: Honestly, I think everything is possible, but I do not think it’s something that is totally likely in the near future. It comes up every once in while, with people asking us if we plan to return, or offers come in reunite, but it never seems to be the right time. Everyone has other stuff going on, but I think that it is something that could eventually happen. I’m not sure how much older we could get and still do it though [laughs]. An older version of Blood Brothers? I’m not sure that would be any good. Anything is possible though.


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  • K-Dogg

    Crimes was their 4th album.

  • Sean Steffy

    This is awesome news, but I gotta point out that Crimes was their 4th full length. This Adultery is Ripe and March on Electric Children came before Burn.

  • HaulixJames

    You’re right. For whatever reason I told myself the first two were EPs. Thanks for the correction.

  • HaulixJames

    Updated. Sorry for the mistake.

  • Adam, The Burnout

    I also thought they were EPs for some reason.

  • doesitmatter

    Blood bros were so fucking sick. Glad they are back.
    Now we just need Fall of Troy back together and shreading.

  • gulangyuisland

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but The Fall of Troy is back together.

  • gulangyuisland

    So psyched about this. Definitely one of my favorite post-hardcore bands… I hope they play some tour dates around the country. I never got to see them. :

  • disqus_J0mlmwVFxg

    they have been since december

  • silentandcliche .

    Yup, my buddy just went and saw them a couple months ago.