UTG EXCLUSIVE: Enjoy The Ride Records Releases Statement On Cartel ‘Chroma’ Pressing


Earlier this week, the internet got into a bit of an uproar over some miscommunications pertaining to Enjoy The Ride Records‘ newly announced pressing of Cartel’s Chroma.

If you didn’t notice yet, we here at UTG are vinyl fanatics. We are also Cartel fanatics, so this really spiked our interest. This was even a topic of conversation with Cartel in an interview almost a year ago.

After reading all the message board drama, tweets, and other “he said, she said” stuff that goes along with this sort of thing, I didn’t know what to believe. I decided it would be best if I just took a trip out to the ETR headquarters on Long Island to discuss the situation with the founder himself and hear his side of the story.

After explaining the entire situation at hand and helping me understand the chain of events in the past few days, we had a really confusing interview on hand. Typing it out would’ve been really lengthy and complicated to follow.

To make things a little easier, Ross Shotland, the man behind ETR, has decided to release a statement exclusively through UTG to set the record straight.

Check out below the jump to see what Ross has to say.

Before reading my timeline of the events surrounding ETR’s release of Chroma, I just want to explain why I’m making this statement. I simply wanted to share with you how the events unfolded from my perspective. It was simply a communication breakdown and a misunderstanding. There were no actions of a malicious nature involved. Moving forward, this is my final comment on the situation.

In regards to this pressing of Cartel’s Chroma:

-I went to great lengths to get in touch with the members of Cartel about releasing the album on vinyl.

-There was no public information for any member of the band or their management available other than social media at the time when I was reaching out.

-After a couple of attempts to get in touch via the band’s Facebook account, I was sent a response in which someone from the band responded, “Super interested.” That person then directed me to contact the band’s manager.

-The manager and I spoke via e-mail multiple times about the initial proposal, informing them that I had the opportunity to license the album from the label and was willing to work with them to release and cross-promote the re-release.

-I then had a phone meeting with the manager to discuss further details where he requested the specifications of the release, including the release date, pressing information, color variant, information, packaging, etc.

-In that conversation, I offered to give them full approval on all audio and all artwork and to offer an exclusive color variant in any quantity at the same cost their very own label would’ve charged them to release the record.

-I’d also mentioned over the phone that the label had told me that another company was in line to license the release had I not moved forward in a timely manner, in which the manager responded that he’d love to see it pressed, but that they did not know how to go about doing so themselves. He asked to discuss it with the band but to altogether try to get the wheels in motion.

-After the conversation, the manager asked me to recap the information via e-mail to discuss the proposal with the band.

-I then sent numerous follow-up e-mails to the manager attempting to get an answer one way or the other; the response I received was: “Hey Ross, sorry for the delay, hope to get back to you soon.”

-In no way was I ever declined for involvement in releasing this record nor informed of the band having plans for releasing the album as a 10th-anniversary re-release.

-As stated in prior public forum, I would never consciously release a record if said band or member for whatever reason told me that they were against the pressing.

– ETR has pressed 40 records since August 2010. In that time, some releases have not led to fruition due to artists’ disapproval of a proposal. I’ve respected their wishes and moved forward towards the next release.

-On Tuesday, Enjoy The Ride formally announced the re-issue of Chroma via our website and social media.

-In regards to all of the comments via Twitter and any internet forum, ETR just wants to set the record straight and explain our attempt to do right by the band.

-We fully support Cartel in their future endeavors and are still honored to be involved in the re-issue of this classic album.

-I wish the band the best of luck both on their anniversary tour and look forward to see the band’s own re-issue when once released.

-I want to thank any and all of the supporters of ETR since 2010 and look forward to bringing you more high quality vinyl re-issues of your favorite albums from the past, present, and future.

-Ross Shotland, Enjoy The Ride Records

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