UTG List: 8 Songs We Want The Blood Brothers To Perform At Their FYF Fest Reunion


Today the members of The Blood Brothers made it known that their eight-year hiatus was finally coming to an end with the announcement that the group would be performing at FYF Fest in Los Angeles this August. We had no idea such a reveal was on the way, and when the news finally reached us, all work at UTG HQ came to a halt for at least five minutes. There were cheers, there were quick sing-a-longs to “Love Rhymes…,” and everyone immediately began calculating how much money would be needed to make the trek to California in just three short months.

Once our initial excitement began to die down, our thoughts quickly turned to what kind of setlist fans should expect from the group’s first show in nearly a decade. We have no way of knowing whether this show will be a one-off reunion or the start of a full fledged comeback campaign, but we are hopeful that whatever the reason the setlist will span the entirety of the group’s career. This may mean some fans hear material they never previously encountered before, but that’s perfectly okay because sites like UTG exist to make sure you never go to a show without proper preparation, and it is with that in mind that this post was first brainstormed into existence.

Whenever someone mentions The Blood Brothers these days they usually refer to one or two signature tracks, but in reality this crazy little experiment in hard rock produced dozens of songs worthy of repeat play. We know that not every song we love will make their upcoming FYF Fest set list, but we do have a few that we feel are the ‘must have’ for any live event. You can find these selections, along with high quality streams of each track, below. Please read through, stream each track five times, and do everything in your power to commit each line to memory.

”Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck”

With Crimes turning 10 in a few months it’s only right that we begin with that album’s biggest single. “Love Rhymes” was the first track I (James) heard from the Blood Brothers, and I know at least three UTG staffers who still include it on every road trip playlist they create. It’s the perfect blend of the band’s light and heavy sides, with an infectious hook that comes as close to being catchy as material filled with screams and musical madness can hope to achieve. Try and resist hitting repeat on this track. Go on, I dare you.

”Set Fire To The Face On Fire”

For many consumers this is the quote/unquote ‘go-to’ Blood Brothers anthem. It plays like a call to arms for everyone ready to start a mosh pit fueled riot, and it absolutely decimated crowds whenever the band performed it in a live setting. This October the track turns eight years old, but it still plays as if it were recorded and released within the last six months. Blood Brothers were trailblazers in their time, and to this day they continue to set the curve for smart-yet-chaotic music thanks to tracks like this living on in their absence.

“Ambulance Vs Ambulance”

The first legitimate single the Blood Brothers released off Burn, Piano Island, Burn remains one of the most likely songs in their catalog to make an appearance at live shows. This was the song that sparked an international craze over the band, after all, and it introduced many young listeners to a world of hard rock they never even knew existed.

”Trash Flavored Trash”

When you want to go absolutely apeshit with some of the fastest lyrics in hard rock, it’s hard to find a song more infectious or demanding of your undivided attention than the Crimes cut titled “Trash Flavored Trash.” Many of our writers have spent years waiting for the chance to scream “gun plus gun equals BANG BANG BANG,” and now it seems that chance may finally present itself. Fingers crossed.

”Camouflage, Camouflage”

This song follows “Love Rhymes…” as one of the few Blood Brothers songs to offer equal amounts of the group’s hard and soft sides. It’s also one of the most epic songs in their entire catalog as far as structure is concerned, starting in musical chaos and building until it all collapses with a strung out bridge you will never forget. Fun fact: The Venetia Fair once covered this song.

“Fucking’s Greatest Hits”

Not only does this song have one of the greatest titles of any track released ever, it’s also a must have addition to any Blood Brothers themed playlist as it offers a glimpse at the young and angst-laden boys who eventually became the men that would write records like Crimes and Young Machetes. This track allows you to experience The Blood Brothers at their most raw while still enjoying sold production from Ross Robinson.

“We Ride Skeletal Lightning”

The third Young Machetes cut to make this list, “We Ride Skeletal Lightning” is a personal favorite of mine. Of all the non-singles across every album the band has released, this song is the one I always felt deserved more attention than it was given. It’s wild and over-the-top, yet reserved in all the right ways. The hook is also one of the catchiest the group ever wrote, which is certainly no reason to complain.

”Teen Heat”

A long-running staple of The Blood Brothers’ live show since its release in 2004, “Teen Heat” is one of the few songs I would consider a ‘sure thing’ when it comes to tracks the band is likely to perform this August. It’s a relatively simple song as far as Blood Brothers’ material is concerned, but it has a dance-inducing rhythm that no set of hips can deny. This is the song to grab your special someone and dance like a fool to–just make sure you keep an eye on the pit so no elbows or fists bust you lover’s lips.

Written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • Alex Gordon

    LOVE THIS. We just did our top 10 and we have none in common, which is a testament to how amazing this band is.

  • Sam Shepherd

    That’s the incredible thing about The Blood Brothers, asking people what their favorite track is, I have never heard the same answer twice.

  • Brian Lion

    I need some “Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon” and “Spit Shine Your Black Clouds” and their best song, “My First Kiss at the Public Execution,” duh :)

  • Matthew Leimkuehler

    I agree with Lion on Cecilia. “Crimes” will always be the best track, though. Really, every song is amazing. Hahaha.

  • silentandcliche .

    First kiss is fucking amazing. How could anyone leave out “Laser Rain”!

  • Brian Lion

    “Laser Life” *

  • silentandcliche .

    Yeah, I realized that when I woke up this morning. It was late and I was pretty drunk. Not to say that as an excuse, just not a mistake I would usually make haha.