‘Godzilla’ Sequel Already In Development


Based on its opening weekend numbers (Godzilla had the highest opening of any film so far this year with $103M internationally), it should come as no surprise that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are already in talks about a sequel for the King Of The Monsters.

Next to no details have been revealed at this time, but if you’re anything like us and got all giddy like a young child while watching Godzilla this weekend, then you’re likely excited by the thought of seeing Big G onscreen at least once more. There is no confirmation as to whether or not director Gareth Edwards would helm the followup, but based on the current success of Godzilla, we’d imagine that a sequel would be offered to him first and foremost. I for one hope that Edwards continues on with the franchise as he’s proven twice now that he’s indeed an impressive visionary with a true passion for the monster genre.

As for a potential plot, a Godzilla sequel could pretty much go anywhere. An entirely new human story could be implemented with a whole new cast (maybe include a couple from this outing if need be?) with Godzilla himself taking on a new foes–or foes. With at least two Mothra Easter eggs in Godzilla, it would be easy to assume that Edwards and co. were alluding to what’s to come, but would we necessarily want to see Godzilla fight another flying monster right away? There’s a slew of Godzilla challengers to choose from in the franchise’s 60-year history but much like the M.U.T.O., Legendary and Warner Bros. may decide to continue creating new creatures and opponents for Godzilla to fight in future films.

We do know that Edwards has mentioned that if he were to direct a sequel he would likely approach it with the same restraint that he did this go’round. That may cause many to sigh and roll their eyes, but I personally love Edwards’ approach with the slow-burn making Godzilla’s reveal all the more rewarding. Constant Godzilla screen-time and CG would have cheapened the effect of the exhilarating fights, destruction, and our titular character himself. As Edwards was raised and influenced by Spielberg’s best, I fully appreciated the Jaws and Jurassic Park vibes and intensity that I felt throughout the entirety of Godzilla.

Let us know in the comments how you’d like to see a sequel play out and what you thought of Edwards’ version of Godzilla. If you’re yet to see the film, we highly suggest the IMAX experience if possible.

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