UTG EXCLUSIVE: Cartel Release Statement On Enjoy The Ride ‘Chroma’ Pressing


As previously reported, controversy has arisen this week in regards to an Enjoy The Ride pressing of Cartel‘s album, Chroma.

Starting as a topic of conversation in an interview with UTG last year, Cartel had been planning a 10-year anniversary release of the record. Then Enjoy The Ride put their release on their web store.

We reached out to ETR for a statement and owner Ross Shotland obliged.

Today, Cartel wishes to release one final statement and put the matter to rest. You can read that below.

After the last few days of controversy and misinterpretation of intent, we have deliberated within our camp to understand what happened with the recent release of Chroma on vinyl through Enjoy The Ride Records. We have found that the entire situation boils down to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

We wish to clear the air of any dispute between ourselves and ETR as there is none. We appreciate ETR’s understanding in the matter as exemplified in the recent Under The Gun Review’s statement and we’d like to reciprocate the good will. We want to thank Ross for his honesty in his official statement regarding our involvement.

Please understand that we never meant any harm or ill will to ETR. We wish ETR success in this release and any other future releases. We hope that our fans and any that enjoy Chroma as much as we do will be able to move forward from this with positivity and excitement as we get ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of the record in 2015.

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls curbside.audio home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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