‘Wish I Was Here’ Trailer: How Many Major Life Moments Can You Spot?


The world of indie film lovers who like movies made by people who were once famous for being on a hilarious televison show that is unlike anything they have done on the big screen has a new reason to be excited this morning. Two months away from his latest feature’s theatrical release, Zach Braff has released a new trailer for his Kickstarter funded film Wish I Was Here.

Offering the same footage found in the initial teaser, only this time with the addition of dialogue, the first full trailer for Wish I Was Here finds Zach Braff present at a number of pivotal moments in life. He’s learning to be a parent, but nowhere near as fast as his kids are starting to grow up. In addition to this, his relationship with his wife is evolving, as are his relationships with lifelong friends, and in the midst of it all he cannot help feeling like he still has yet to find out who he is as a person. You can view the footage below:

I am excited to see Braff return to the big screen, but early word out of film festivals have claimed the film loses itself in whimsy and ultimately offers up something less than a satisfying storytelling experience. This trailer points to the opposite being true, but I guess that is the goal of every well made trailer.

Wish I Was Here will be released by Focus Pictures on July 19. The official synopsis reads:

The new movie from director Zach Braff (“Garden State”) tells a funny, touching, universal story of what it means to be at a major crossroads as a parent, spouse, and child — all at once. The original screenplay is by Zach Braff & Adam Braff. Wish I Was Here is produced by Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, Zach Braff and Adam Braff. The cast includes Zach Braff, Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin (“Homeland”), Josh Gad (“Frozen”), Joey King (“Fargo”), Pierce Gagnon (“Looper”), Donald Faison (“The Exes”), Ashley Greene (“Twilight”), Emmy Award winner Jim Parsons, and Michael Weston (“Garden State”).

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