SINGLE REVIEW: Every Time I Die – “Thirst”

every time i die

Artist: Every Time I Die
Song: “Thirst”
Album: From Parts Unknown

As a full-fledged ‘ETIDIOT’ there are very few things in this world that excite me as much as new music from Every Time I Die. So it was with great anticipation that I pressed play on “Thirst,” the first single released from the band’s new Kurt Ballou-produced album From Parts Unknown. What I heard next took my excitement levels from six to midnight.

An absolute barnstormer of a track that explodes to life with a hellacious energy that doesn’t let up for a second of its 1:27 running time, “Thirst” features all the hallmarks that have made the Buffalo quintet synonymous with quality hardcore and quality partying for the past 16 years.

Built around one of Andy ‘Pudd’ Williams’ trademark filthy riffs, “Thirst” features the usual bombastic performance from Williams and fellow riff-lord Jordan Buckley, which when combined with the thunderous performances from drummer Ryan ‘Legs’ Leger and bassist Stephen Micciche, sets the table perfectly for vocalist and renowned wordsmith Keith Buckley to unleash his acerbic howl.

Buckley for his part more than holds his own here, delivering a tightly wound vocal that captures your attention with its anger and intensity and satiates your brain with its witty turn of phrase.

Overall, “Thirst” is an awesome track that when partnered with its awesome video (another trademark of the band) serves as an all-too-brief yet tantalizing taste of what promises to be one of the band’s best albums yet.

To be 16 years into your career and still be able to generate this much enthusiasm with 1:27 is a skill unto its own, so raise a glass in honour of yourselves, ETID, and hold that glass high until July 1, when we can all join you in reveling in the rest of From Parts Unknown.

‘From Parts Unknown’ will be released July 1 through Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are available now and the details can be found here.

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