Video Of The Week: Body Count Kill Haters In “Talk Shit, Get Shot”


Ice-T is my spirit animal.

If there was ever any doubt the return of Body Count would usher in a new age for violent heavy metal, those fears and concerns can now be put to rest because the band’s latest video wastes no time bring back the gritty imagery that first helped them rise to prominence. “Talk Shit, Get Shot” is a no holds barred look at the lengths Body Count are willing to go to in order to get the point across that it’s not okay to run your mouth as if there are no consequences for the stupid things that roll out of it. Think Body Count? Keep it to yourself. If you tweet about it, you better believe Ice-T and crew will roll up on you in an unmarked van and leave you bleeding on the floor. Anyone can get it. View the video below:

This clip has almost everything a parent could hate for their child to see and hear, except for drugs and sex. Violent imagery and profane language are rampant, but there is also a sense of fun to the whole affair that is hard to not love, especially for fans of horror and metal such as myself. My favorite part is probably T (can I call him that? I swear I’m not talking shit.) attacking through the phone, but there is something hilarious about seeing him run from the police when I make time every week to watch him portray an SVU detective on Law and Order.

Body Count are releasing their new album, Manslaughter, on June 10 through Sumerian Records. No pre-orders are available at this time, but we do not advise complaining about that fact across social media.

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  • Gameonfool

    Love it, everyone’s gone to sleep in this modern age, we need body count to wake every one up.