WATCH: Will Ferrell And Chad Smith (RHCP) Have A Drum-Off

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

Though I do not usually watch The Tonight Show, I find myself hearing more and more about the funny contests Jimmy Fallon has on his show. Quite a few of them seem to have to deal with music, and his most recent effort certainly falls under that category.

His brand new episode features all around funny guy Will Ferrell pitted against his musical doppelganger Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers in a “traditional” drum-off. The idea spawned from a Reddit AMA that took place in February when Ferrell addressed his and Smith’s shared likeness, something that’s been noted for as long as the two have been in the spotlight.

The drum battle is entertaining to watch as it includes a certain popular SNL skit bit (which originally starred Fallon alongside Ferrell) and some special guests. Plus, at the end someone gets a giant gold trophy. You can watch the video and the interview leading up to the drum-off for yourself by checking below the jump.

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