Dizzy Wright Releases “Reunite For The Night” Video

Dizzy Wright

Tuesday may be the day we all slowly make our way back to work and other tasks labeled as ‘real world struggles,’ but thanks to Dizzy Wright that party can now last a few minutes longer.

“Reunite For The Night” sounds like the kind of song title that would be used to promote a club track aiming at heavy radio play and dubstep remixes, but that could not be further from the truth. Like a lot of Wright’s recent material, “Reunite” finds a laid-back groove early and takes its time creating a feel-good mood that pulls absolutely no punches whatsoever. It’s all positivity, and in a similar sense so is the track’s official video, which features a house party filled with beautiful women, expensive drinks, and slick performance footage. You can view the video below:

This is not the kind of single that gains you a ton of new fans, but it’s too good to be left on the album without proper visual representation. Wright has a knack for tracks that you can vibe with, which I think is something a lot of young artists in urban music overlook in today’s industry. Everyone wants to make their name known with the biggest or most controversial song they can create, but Dizzy is just trying to make sure people have a good time, and as long as he can maintain that vibe he will continue to see success in his career. He might not reach the heights that one great radio track would help propel him to, but he does not necessarily need that kind of attention in order to make his time in the spotlight last.

Dizzy released his latest EP, State Of Mind, on April 15. If you like this video, make sure you stop by iTunes and pick up the album.

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