Fans Demand Kanye West Run For Mayor Of Chicago In 2015


Kanye West has spent the last decade more or less overseeing and guiding the future of hip-hop, but does he have what it takes to oversee the future of an entire city? According to some fans, the answer is a definite yes.

A new website launched over the holiday weekend with the goal of bringing attention to one thing at least a handful of midwest residents believe to be true: Kanye West should run, and be elected for, mayor of Chicago in 2015. The site, creatively titled Kanye4Mayor, is filled with information backing up the beliefs of these fans being shared through a relatively minimal (and surprisingly low quality) site. Here’s a little excerpt from the section titled ‘Open Letter To Mr. West’:

Here’s an idea for how to write some history.

Right now your home city is ruled over by a Mayor whose allegiances are not with the majority of Chicagoans.

I want to invite you to run for mayor of Chicago in 2015 and make it the best city in the world. Doing this would require fixing some big problems.

There are four main ones: the schools are awful, the public transportation system is subpar, it isn’t a democracy, there are too many shootings.

Kanye, as many of you may recall, spent the holiday weekend getting married in Italy. As a result, it’s unlikely this site has received any attention at all from the often controversial emcee, but it’s certainly not out of the question to think Mr. West could respond in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, click here to hear the latest Kanye song snippet.

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