LISTEN: Body Count Releases Updated Version of Ice-T’s “99 Problems”


Many people seem to forget (or simply never knew) the chorus of Jay-Z’s massive 2003 hit “99 Problems” was actually lifted from an Ice-T song of the same name that originally appeared on his 1993 solo record Home Invasion.

Now, with Ice-T’s metal band Body Count preparing to release their new album Manslaughter through Sumerian Records on June 10, the band has leaked an updated version of the track. Dubbed “99 Problems BC,” Ice-T begins the song with an a cappella first verse before the band bursts into their take on the heavy rock riff from Jay-Z’s song.

Body Count also unveiled Manslaughter‘s track listing, which reveals an additional “rock mix” of “99 Problems,” as well as an appearance from Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta on a track called “Pop Bubble.” The album also features a cover of the Suicidal Tendencies classic “Institutionalized,” which Body Count has been performing live in recent years. Click through for the stream (skip ahead to the 30 minute mark for the song) and full Manslaughter track listing.

01 – “Talk Shit, Get Shot“
02 – “Pray For Death“
03 – “99 Problems BC“
04 – “Back To Rehab“
05 – “Manslaughter“
06 – “Get A Job“
07 – “Institutionalized 2014“
08 – “Pop Bubble” (feat. Jamey Jasta)
09 – “Enter The Dark Side“
10 – “Bitch In The Pit“
11 – “Black Voodoo Sex“
12 – “Wanna Be A Gangsta“
13 – “I Will Always Love You“
14 – “99 Problems BC” (Rock Mix)

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