G-Eazy Releases “I Mean It” Video

G-Eazy These Things Happen

Keeping anticipation for his debut full length album high, California native G-Eazy has partnered with listicle titan Buzzfeed to premiere the official video for the single “I Mean It.”

It’s unlikely that this is your first G-Eazy post, but if so then you best know up front that you have a lot of catching up to do in the weeks before Gerald’s new album arrives in stores. G-Eazy has been climbing through the underground ranks since 2007, with sold out nationwide tours, including a run on Warped Tour and another opening for Lil Wayne, as well as multiple mixtape releases. His new album, These Things Happen, seems poised to launch G into the mainstream, and “I Mean It” will certainly help.

Released this afternoon, the video for “I Mean It” finds G-Eazy taking a comedic turn as an Anchorman with ego and confidence to spare. He sits on a sound stage in a suit reciting the track’s lyrics with a glimmer in his eye that could make any mom’s knees feel a bit weak, and viewers watch as women across the viewing area fall for G’s unique sense of charm. You can view the video below.

These Things Happen hits stores in less than three weeks. If you like what you hear, please head over to iTunes and pre-order a copy of the record today.

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