‘This Is Where I Leave You’ Trailer: Jane Fonda Has Bionic Breasts


That headline is pretty deceiving, truth be told. I know I just wrote it, and if you’re reading this you may have clicked the link solely because of what it teased, but in all actuality the film we are about to discuss looks like something a bit more sentimental than sexual.

This Is Where I Leave You is based on a popular novel by Jonathan Tropper, who also adapted the book for this film. The story follows a Jewish family that isn’t used to observing their faith’s traditions who are forced to fulfill their father’s final wish and sit Shivah together for an entire week and confront their problems. Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver and Corey Stoll round out the lead cast, with Jane Fonda portraying the role of the widow. The first trailer relies heavily on the film’s more comedic elements, but rest assured there is plenty of heartache ahead as well. You can view the clip below.

Bateman has become a go-to cast member for films featuring people struggling to get a grip on their life while being well into their 40s, but there is something surprisingly fresh about the feel of this film. The presence of Fey and Corey Stoll certainly helps, and I hope their roles in the film do not take to much of a back seat to what appears to be a Fonda/Batemen centric story.

This Is Where I Leave You opens nationwide September 12.

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