WATCH: Vinnie Caruana Backed by Bellwether Play Two Tracks From The Movielife

VInnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche

As exciting as it is to see I Am the Avalanche back in action, there are still a few of us holding out hope that The Movielife would someday play shows again. So anytime Vinnie Caruana performs old Movielife tracks, we get even more pumped, as this is is about as close as it may get for awhile.

Last year he was caught playing “Walking on Glass” on his acoustic tour. This time, Vinnie shows up to front a couple of tracks (“Face or Kneecaps” and “Jamestown”), and is backed by Bellwether. This collab happened at a benefit show for Mitchell Kraeling, where Crime in Stereo and Hostage Calm also played. The performance was fun to watch, it looks like they had a great time performing these songs.

Check out the video below, and make sure you catch Vinnie and the rest of I Am the Avalanche on tour this summer.

Also stay tuned as UTG TV has a featured interview with Bellwether coming sometime next week.

Corey From

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