Adam McKay Pulls Out Of Final Negotiations To Direct ‘Ant-Man’

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The bad news just keeps on coming, after last week’s stunning upset that resulted in Edgar Wright’s (The World’s End) departure from Marvel’s upcoming superhero film Ant-Man, other directors have been courted to pick up the project from where it left off. After hearing that directors Rawson Marshall Thurber (We’re The Millers) and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) were also on the shortlist of considerations, reports have been coming in saying that Anchorman director, Adam McKay, was extremely close to sealing the deal.The Hollywood Reporter is confirming these reports of McKay’s exit from negotiations, as it seems that he left on his own and that the choice was very abrupt. So, once again, the project is now without a director.

UTG will update you as more news becomes available about McKay’s quick departure. My guess is that McKay got extremely cold feet once he saw how scattershot the project is at this juncture in its development. Shooting for the film is supposed to begin very soon and with a July 2015 release date, things are not looking good.

Anyway, what do you all (UTG readers/fanatics) think about this news and what is your personal pick for director of Ant-Man and why?

Sam Cohen

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  • Brian Lion

    I’m happy McKay is out. I don’t want this to be some overwhelming cameo wankfest with awful jokes. He’d probably boot Rudd and make Will Ferrell Ant-Man and that’s the last thing we need.

    Gondry would be my first choice, even before Wright, but with Wright out, this project should take a break before they rush into something that’s going to be shit.

  • Jake Langkowski

    They should just scrap the entire project and restart it. I could never figure out why they decided to go with Scott Lang and an elderly Hank Pym. Not to mention the decision to disassociate Hank Pym from Ultron’s creation.