‘What If’ Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe And Zoe Kazan Try To Keep It Platonic


Daniel Radcliffe has navigated his post-Harry Potter career so far. He’s hit the stage with a play and a musical, forayed into horror, and portrayed a famous American poet. It’s probably a good thing he diversified before hopping into a standard romcom – he’ll hopefully avoid any more child star trip-ups or McConaughey-esque swoon.

This romcom, What If, seeks to diversify itself two different ways. The first is the premise. We’ve seen plenty of sad cynics find their other half, only to discover she’s technically taken. Usually, that’s considered no more than a technicality. What If pushes that as the full premise. Wallace (Radcliffe) and Chantry (the up-and-coming Zoe Kazan) agree to remain friends, and the whole trailer and movie seem to follow whether the two actually can remain friends. Their friends are skeptical, and, given how movies work, we are too. It’s a fairly modern approach to the romcom, though, and will hopefully be delved into as thoughtfully and perceptively as the movie promises.

The second notable part is the people involved. Besides Radcliffe and Kazan, the film features the red hot Adam Driver and is directed by Michael Dowse. Dowse brought us FUBAR and Goon, which makes a romcom an interesting choice. Reviews out of TIFF, back when it was The F Word, were positive. The general public will find out on August 1, when the film will be released.

Tyler Hanan

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