Godhead have been consistently releasing dark industrial hard rock albums for two decades now, and as they keep us guessing as to whether or not a new studio album is on the way, their new remix compilation will have to hold fans over until they give word on what’s to come.

We had the chance to speak to frontman Jason Miller briefly about The Shadow Realigned and the band’s impressively lengthy career. Read through the jump to get the scoop on Godhead.

Before this release, you’d had some of your songs reworked on At The Edge Of The World. What initially made you start wanting to expand your music with remixes and alternate versions?

It was this crazy little idea that I had. We got the master rights back to the album, The Shadow Line, so besides re-releasing the original version, I thought why not have a little fun with some friends and collaborate with a lot of great people to make it even better.

And how did this album come together as far as all the different producers involved? I know a lot of them are friends and colleagues of yours. Did you have to choose between submissions or were they kind of assigned in a sense?

I pretty much gave the first few people their own choice on what to do and which songs were available, and as things were quickly filling up, I ended up assigning the later ones.

On The Shadow Realigned, you have a Depeche Mode cover and a KISS cover, two vastly different bands. Do your influences range even further than that or would you say that most of your musical inspiration bounces around within that spectrum?

That’s a pretty good spectrum of music to choose from. In one of the earliest articles ever written about us, a writer called us “MetalliCure.” I liked that a lot.

And what was it about those two songs in particular that made you choose them for what you wanted to cover for the album?

It was a really case of finding both of these covers, which we had already started prior, and finishing them up for the album.

Up until At The Edge Of The World, you seemed to stick to a pretty standard one or two year album cycle with releasing each one but it’s been nearly 4 years since your last studio album. Do you have another album in the works beyond Realigned?

It’s always possible…if we did, we’d keep it a secret as long as possible [wink].

Are you still working on solo material as well when time allows?

I’m always working on new solo material and keeping busy writing with other artists and writers.

Godhead has had the privilege of touring with some of the biggest names in metal and hard rock. Who are some that you were particularly thrilled to share the stage with? Any that have remained good friends ever since?

Black Sabbath for sure, Marilyn Manson of course, Disturbed, and Rammstien. There are so many others, too!

With industrial rock and nu-metal staples like Disturbed, Manson, Mudvayne and so on not really being active any longer to lead the pack, it’s felt like those niche genres have died down a fair amount in recent years. Do you feel like this is a genre that you can still thrive in? Is there still a solid fanbase to take interest in what you and similar bands are going to be putting out?

I really don’t think about things like that, I just concentrate on making music that I enjoy.

Your website doesn’t currently list any upcoming shows. Do you have any touring plans coming up this year?

Most of the current upcoming shows are mainly just with my solo project. The members of Godhead are scattered all over the country right now involved with other things.

And you put out a lyric video for “To Heal” recently. Any other plans like that for Realigned?

We have a cool stop-motion claymation video that was produced for the Jamison Boaz remix of “Your End of Days.” Check it out.

You guys have managed to outlive a lot of popular bands in similar genres. Having been a band for 20 years now with numerous line-up changes along the way, what would you say has kept you driven with this project? What’s kept Godhead active after all this time?

Just the love of music!

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