UTG TV: Bellwether Vocalist Stars In The World’s First Surrey Cart Interview


At this year’s Skate and Surf Festival, we teamed up with our buddy over at Phlavor to bring you perhaps the most ridiculous interview that I’ve ever conducted. Ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages, I’m confident to say that this may be the first ever band interview to be conducted on a moving surrey.

Yes, we pedaled our way down the boardwalk to make sure we had a beautiful changing of landscape, where we spoke with Bellwether‘s vocalist Desmond Zantua about his band’s music, the new Godzilla flick, and how his life is eerily similar to the plot of Good Will Hunting.

As we strolled up and down the boardwalk, we also discussed the band’s 2013 EP …but I have to, their recent acoustic release After Reflection, and more. Check out below the jump to see this UTG x PHLAVOR collaboration.

June 17 – Amityville Music Hall – w/ Mat Kerekes (Citizen), Chris Kerekes, Somos, The Getaway, Gottem – Amityville, NY

Produced by: Derek Scancarelli
Brandon J. Holmes (Phlavor)


Derek Scancarelli

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