Staind Frontman To Concertgoers: “Stop Molesting Women”


Many female concertgoers know the potential dangers there can be when attending a show. In big crowds there’s always a possibility that male attendees will take advantage of an opportunity to cop a feel. This is especially the case when crowdsurfing. You don’t have the ability to control what anyone does to you as you are being tossed through the crowd. While most concertgoers are perfectly respectful, there are always a few that will take advantage of a situation. It seems that this is a problem that was going on at Rockfest, as Staind frontman Aaron Lewis stopped his band’s performance to berate some fans in the crowd for apparently groping a female who was crowdsurfing. The rant was caught on tape, and you can watch it by checking below the break.

Whether or not you are a fan of Staind, it’s hard not to respect this musician for taking a moment to try to highlight a specific situation he felt was wrong.

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