American Football Release Video For 15-Year-Old “Never Meant”


In the realest bit of evidence supporting the existence of the infamous emo revival since G-Unit reunited, American Football have released a video for the now teenaged “Never Meant” off the seminal (after the fact) self-titled 1999 album.

This isn’t wholly surprising, as the band recently reunited and has tickets and a Polyvinyl-released deluxe reissue to sell.

The video actually seems to be set in 1999 America, or else in an alternate universe 2014 America where mixtapes never died and flatscreen computers never came to be. The video shows a music kid’s wet dream for a budding relationship. Two beautiful kids flip through records. Girl bumps into boy, dropping Polaroids. Girl and boy both reach for said Polaroids. Girl and boy talk music, lie on grassy, sun-kissed hills, and dance at house parties.

But it all falls apart. Because it was…”never meant,” no matter how many pebbles he throws at the house (yes, it’s the house) or how loving that mixtape may be. Enjoy the video below – it actually is a lovely, well-stitched together piece, as well as a pretty cool treat for longtime fans.

Tyler Hanan

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