‘Beneath’ Trailer: Trapped Miners Encounter A Deadly Supernatural Force

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Mining is one of the most terrifying jobs anyone can try to turn into a lifelong career. The hours are long, the work area is filled with hazards, and even if you do everything right there is always a chance nature will intervene and trap you deep inside the Earth’s crust. This is the plot, or at least part of the plot for a new film arriving on VOD this month called Beneath.

It’s a day just like any other when Beneath begins, only this time the team of hardened miners are joined by their first female. The day starts off with the usual combination of elevator shafts and machinery, but things take a turn for the worse when a collapse traps six of the miners deep underground. The team manages to find an emergency shelter to hide in until help can arrive, but before they can speak with anyone on the surface it becomes clear they are not the only thing still living in the recently collapsed mine. Someone, or better yet something is waiting just beyond the shelter walls, and it’s out for blood. You can view the film’s first trailer below:

It’s a little surprising to see Beneath steer clear of found footage, but it’s also incredibly welcomed. Many films in recent years have tried to capitalize on people’s fears of small and dark places with shaky cam tales of woe, but very few have done so in a way that breathed even the slightest hint of originality into the horror genre. Beneath appears to do just that by combining elements of The Descent, Event Horizon, and The Thing all into one, which in my opinion sounds like the perfect combination of WTF and closed spaces terror.

Beneath opens on VOD/Digital platforms on June 27, and hits select theaters on July 25. Ben Ketai directed from a script by Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano.

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