In Fear And Faith May Be Releasing New Music

In Fear And Faith

In Fear And Faith‘s Facebook page had been silent for almost exactly a year. That silence was broken last month by a simple upload of an image of a skull and crossbones dated 6/07/2014. This was to announce that the group would be performing with Saosin June 7 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

The band posted a picture of all the guys together, so naturally, fans started asking if they were going to release new music. At first they were coy about it, but when asked directly they confirmed that they plan on writing some new music. Check out the screen grab below the jump.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.54.42 AM

Their last album came out back in 2012. In all fairness, it really hasn’t been that long. But, when you consider the fact that they have to write out the album (or possibly EP), record, mix, promote and then release it you start to realize that it could be at least another 6 months if not longer. Considering that I (and most likely many others) believed they were done for good, it’s certainly worth the wait.

Be sure to check in again soon. If they are serious about writing new music we will be hearing about it sooner than later.

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