WATCH: Funeral For a Friend – “Conduit”

funeral for a friend 2013

It’s always fun to watch a band progress through lineup changes, and still come together every few years and put out an album that they’re proud of. Funeral For a Friend has been doing that for more than a decade. Their last few efforts have been polarizing for early fans, as they have transcended genres that they helped create around the turn of the millennium. It’s hard to tell that they’re the same band that released Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversations over ten years ago.

Despite all that, their latest album, Conduit, was well received by fans, new and old, and they have just posted a video for the title track of the album, which is a very nostalgic song as far as that goes musically. The video appears to have been recorded at a live performance. After all this time they still put on what looks to be an intense show.

Conduit is out now via No Sleep Records. Check out the video below.

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