‘Ant-Man’ Finally Gets Its Director With Peyton Reed; Adam McKay Still On As Writer


After a tumultuous week of rumors, the long-gestating and now Edgar Wright-less Ant-Man has its director. He is Peyton Reed, helmer of such past films as Yes ManThe Break-Up, and Bring It On.

Though the name “Peyton Reed” is a surprise, his history isn’t. With names like Adam McKay floating around – who is still attached to the project to work on a seemingly already overworked script – the idea that the man behind Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston vehicles is now directing is no surprise.

Other than a change in the head of the film, everything else remains on course with Ant-Man. Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Patrick Wilson, and Evangeline Lilly are still set to star, and the film is still slated for a July 17, 2015, release date. However, the Wright-unworthy script is still in flux, apparently, and fan support has never been more…mixed, for a Marvel film (though the recent Jared Leto news certainly irked many nerds). The universe marches on, though.

Tyler Hanan

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