In Fear And Faith Tell Fans This Weekend’s Performance Was Their Last

In Fear And Faith

Shortly after confirming that they would be writing new music In Fear And Faith also dampened fans’ newly ignited excitement by announcing at their show with Saosin that said performance would be their very last. Though we were unable to find a live video of the band making the announcement, there were a handful of tweets by attendees at the show who all confirm this announcement was made. That includes a tweet by our good friend Jack Appleby. You can read them by checking below the break.

The band’s Facebook page has not been updated to say either way, but we hope to hear from them soon.

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  • Guest061014

    It’s not their last show.

  • Kriston McConnell

    Yeah we found that thread and wrote a new article. It’s a strange misunderstanding because there were multiple people who claimed they (the band) said they were done. I sure as hell am glad it’s not true though!