UTG EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Hunter Talks ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ Score At NYC Premiere


If you’re into independent films, from the state of New York, or just thoroughly enjoy honest and genuine storytelling, then I highly suggest you take the time to view Bridge and Tunnel. The film premiered on May 30 in New York City and was directed by Long Island native Jason Brescia. The tale highlights the awkward transition between college and true adulthood, a sort of problem that isn’t often depicted considering it lacks the flash of a more dramatic predicament.

That being said, a lot of 20-somethings countrywide have been experiencing a strange period in their lives. For New Yorkers, the cost of living in Manhattan or the surrounding areas is inexplicable. With the economy in shambles it’s nearly impossible to find employment, even with a college degree. To make matters worse, many of our homes were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. Bridge and Tunnel does a great job at explaining the rather shitty cards a lot of the Millennials have been dealt.

Composer Ryan Hunter (NK, Envy On The Coast) was recruited by Brescia to score the entire film, a task which he did not take lightly. Check out below the jump to watch our exclusive interview with Hunter from the Bridge and Tunnel premiere in New York City, where he discusses scoring his first feature film, his experience growing up on Long Island, and the state of his personal music.

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