UTG Presents: Another Endless Summer (Free Music Compilation)

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After far too many months of winter, and a spring that disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived, the time has finally come to shed the winter worries and down blankets for the heat and skimpy clothing of summer. Yes, that time of the year when students run free and the sun sets well after eight at night has returned, and UTG has a brand new compilation to help make every road trip one you will remember for the rest of your life.

We have always tried to keep things interesting with our mixtapes, and for the last few years that meant relying on the world of hip hop to deliver the anthems that fueled our summertime madness. This year, however, we are proud to present the first-ever UTG staff curated dance compilation, which features remixes of several major hits you likely know from that dying medium we call terrestrial radio. It’s the kind of mix that people who hate pop music will talk shit about online, but those who love a good time will keep on repeat for weeks at a time. Figure out which one of those applies to you, then proceed to the end of this post to stream and download the album.

Oh! We should probably tell you the title, right? After much deliberation and several hard ciders we felt going the typical and arguably old-fashioned route of calling this compilation Another Endless Summer was for the best. We know that fall will eventually arrive, but for now we will drive fast with the windows down, shouting every line to our favorite songs. We’ll go skinny dipping in the lake by our best friend’s house and stay up until three telling the same stories we told every summer before, only this time slightly more inebriated than the last. We’ll do whatever we can to live life to the fullest, which is the idea we had when compiling the songs for this release. It’s about having fun and not caring about what tomorrow may bring because you never know if tomorrow is going to come at all. Download this mix and use it to remind yourself that life is short, so you might as well have a little fun while you are here.


Track list:
1. “Summer” (Elephante Remix) – Calvin Harris
2. “Old Thing Back” – Matoma
3. “Trophies” (Electric Bodega Remix) – Drake
4. “Stoner” (Evian Christ Remix) – Young Thug
5. “Somebody Loves You” (Jump Smokers Remix) – Betty Who
6. “Tom Ford” (Nerd Rage & Doco Remix) – Jay Z
7. “Girls” (The Knocks Remix) – The 1975
8. “Goodtime” – E-V Ft. Lorine Chia and MGK
9. “Talk Dirty” (5 And A Dime Remix) – Jason Derulo Ft. 2 Chainz
10. “Sun” (Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club x The WKND
11. “Fancy” (Instrum Club Scene Mix) – Iggy Azalea
12. “Believing Flies” (Carlos Serrano Mix) Childish Gambino X Aluna George
13. “Over You Baby” (Breakbot Remix) – Zak Waters
14. “This Is Gospel” (Popeska Remix) – Panic! At The Disco
15. “Clocktower” (Patrick Reza Remix) – Noosa

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