‘The Interview’ Trailer: James Franco Must Kill Kim Jong-un


Co-directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have released the first trailer for their second film, The Interview.

Over the last five years movie audiences have watched as James Franco and Seth Rogen embarked on a variety of big screen adventures, but nothing we have seen up to this point – including the well endowed villain from This Is The End – could prepare moviegoers for the horrors that await in North Korea. The Interview follows a talk show host played by Franco who, along with his producer (Rogen), travel overseas to interview Kim Jong-un. Before they can embark on their journey, however, the US government intervenes and asks them to help the nation by killing Jong-un during their visit. Hijinks ensue. You can view the first trailer for the film below:

I am sure there are people in this world who are tired of seeing Rogen and Franco join forces, but if any comedic duo are going to be sent to North Korea I, for one, am glad it’s these guys. The chemistry they share on screen is undeniable, and even when the material they are working with falls flat there is something innately hilarious about how they interact with one another that keeps audiences hooked. This trailer doesn’t show enough to fully grasp what trouble awaits, but I am confident there will be plenty of shock and dick jokes to go around.

The Interview opens October 10.

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