Ace Hood Releases “Jamaica” Video


Fridays are typically slow on the news front, but this afternoon Ace Hood broke the day’s silence with the release of a killer video for “Jamaica.”

Five months have passed since Ace Hood released his Starvation 3 mixtape, and in that time he has released a series of visual accompaniments for the record. “Jamaica” continues that trend with a series of slick, high-gloss performance sequences that feature Hood and a gaggle of beautiful ladies. The setup and execution is pretty much by the numbers as far as hip-hop is concerned, but for fans of Hood it’s more than enough to justify spinning the track a few more times. You can view the video for “Jamaica” below.

It’s hard to tell what the future holds for Ace Hood, but for the time being he will remain on the cusp of being as big as his talent says he should be. Starvation 3 is further proof he has the talent needed to be one of the biggest names in hip-hop. If he can find the ability within himself to channel the same intensity he put into this release into another studio album, or even a string of singles throughout the remainder of 2014, this year could very well still become the year Ace Hood finally breaks through to the echelon of rap celebrity reserved for people like Rick Ross, French Montana, and Juicy J.

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