Chris Rock Announces First Stand-Up Comedy Tour In Six Years


It may be hard to believe this, but more than half a decade has passed since Chris Rock last graced the live stage as a stand-up comic. His most recent special, Kill The Messenger, was recorded in 2008 and released in early 2009, which makes it so old that the majority of the material still references the George W. Bush administration. Woof.

Earlier this week, Chris Rock surprised fans when he announced on Jimmy Fallon’s late night television show that he is returning to the stand-up stage this fall with a new nationwide tour. Dates for the run have not been revealed at this point, But Rock claims he is calling the tour Black Plague because of a suggestion made to him by the one and only Kanye West. You can watch the initial announcement below:

Chris Rock made his name in stand-up long before anyone paid to see him on the silver screen. For more than a decade now, however, his level of celebrity has been such that he has been consistently involved with projects for both the film and television. I’m sure he could continue to tackle those roles if he wanted, but for whatever reason Rock feels the itch to do live comedy once more and I, for one, cannot wait to sacrifice a good chunk of an upcoming paycheck to see it happen. Follow UTG on Twitter for additional information on the Black Plague tour.

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