MØ Releases Video For “Walk This Way”


Watching ‘s inevitable rise (and dance moves) over the past year and a half has been an exciting experience. I knew from the moment I finished hearing “Pilgrim” for the first time that this girl was on to something. With her Bikini Daze EP, Spice Girls cover, and debut LP, No Mythologies To Follow, all in the books, this quirky and lovable Danish pop star has been a force to be reckoned with.

Today, MØ has released yet another music video (we’ll call it a MØ-sic video), this time for her No Mythologies cut, “Walk This Way.” No, it’s not an Aerosmith cover. The visuals feature MØ leading a group of girls as they run some track, dance, and look like badasses. Track’s closed, everyone else.

You can view the video after the jump and pick up a deluxe edition copy of No Mythologies To Follow via iTunes.

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