RX Bandits Stream “Stargazer” Via PledgeMusic

rx bandits

UPDATE: You can now stream the single on Soundcloud.

Back in January, we brought you the news that RX Bandits were streaming a demo on their PledgeMusic page for a song tentatively titled “Ready Eddie.” It turns out that the track is now officially called “Stargazer,” and the band is streaming the final version (in much better quality) through PledgeMusic. You have to be backer of their project to hear the song in full, though.

The band posted the following through an update: “Stargazer was the first song we wrote for this new record. It’s a really fun and straightforward tune that I think well embodies our songwriting approach to this album; Looking to further refine and define what our musical aim is. This is also going to be a bit fancier than the demo version many of you heard. Enjoy!”

RXB’s newest LP, Gemini, Her Majesty is set to release on July 22. I think it’s safe to say that it’s my most anticipated album of the Summer and maybe even the rest of the year. You can catch the boys on tour with The Dear Hunter this Summer beginning July 11 in St. Petersburg, FL. All info can be found here.

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