Steve Martin Signs On For Gay-Themed ‘Father Of The Bride 3’


Comedy icon Steve Martin is no stranger to the silver screen, but in recent years he has made it a point to only tackle roles that he found particularly interesting. With that in mind, one might wonder what could possibly lead the comedian to revisit his beloved Father Of The Bride franchise a third time, but I advise you hold all questions until the plot synopsis has been explained.

Word broke today that Steve Martin will once again portray the hilarious and ever-awkward George Banks in Father Of The Bride 3. This time, it is Banks’ son who is getting married, and audiences will watch while George learns the ins and outs of gay marriage in the 21st century. That’s right, it’s Father Of The Bride: Gay Edition.

According to Nikki Finke, the story will pick up with 29-year-old Matty preparing to wed the love of his life. Unfortunately, George is left “thunderstruck and speechless” by the fact that his son is marrying a man. He reacts so poorly, in fact, that his wife is forced to kick him out until he can calm down. Hijinks and universal lessons on family, understanding, and acceptance soon follow.

Kieran Culkin played Matty in the original Father Of The Bride films, but at this time it’s unclear whether or not he will return to reprise the role. It’s also uncertain whether Diane Keaton, who plays Martin’s wife in the film, will return.

No start date has been set for production on Father Of The Bride 3, but if momentum continues to build I don’t think a 2015 release is completely out of the question. We’ll bring you more information as soon as new details begin to surface.

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