‘Weird Al’ Yankovic To Release New Album Next Month


Three years have passed since ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic released a new album, but next month fans of parodies worldwide will have plenty to write home about when the songwriter’s new record finally arrives in stores.

Teasing a ‘big cryptic announcement’ early Saturday before sharing an image you can now find at the end of this post, ‘Weird Al’ chose to break the news of his latest record over Twitter before confirming the news with press outlets earlier today. No track list has been release for the album at this point, but comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted his approval for Yankovic’s new material back in May and that more than good enough for us.

TMZ reported last week that Yankovic had approached Iggy Azalea backstage at KS107.5’s Summer Jam in Colorado to ask permission to parody one of her songs. Could “Fancy” soon find itself on the parody hit list?

Whatever the case, Al’s new album will be available on July 15. We expect a single will surface soon, but at this time nothing can be confirmed regarding album promotion plans. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.


James Shotwell

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