Dangerkids Release “Paper Thin” Video

Dangerkids Paper Thin

Former ‘Artist To Watch‘ pick Dangerkids have released the official video for their song “Paper Thin.”

From the very first day Dangerkids made their presence known online, quality has been at the focus of their efforts. From teaser videos, to their initial demo, to the superb production that eventually went into their debut album for Rise Records, everything Dangerkids have presented to fans has been inspected and worked over repeatedly to ensure the most perfect representation of who they are is what fans encounter when engaging with their content online. “Paper Thin” continues this trend with high gloss visuals and a central story that reveals some of the meaning behind the lyrics while leaving plenty of room for fans to make the song their own. It’s the kind of clip that would have been impossible, or at least incredibly expensive, before After Effect was something every kid with a laptop could learn in their spare time, and it’s perfectly fitting for the group’s genre-bending sound.

Dangerkids are out on Warped Tour this summer, and if you ask me they’re one of the few acts you should do everything in your power to see while trying not to pass out from heat exhaustion. Their debut album, Collapse, is available now wherever music is sold. Click here to read our full review.

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