Studio Footage, Steak, And A Superfan In New Arctic Monkeys Video For “Snap Out Of It”


Arctic Monkeys have released another music video off their most recent album, AM. Following up the chic, anachronistic swagger of the “Arabella” video, this Focus Creeps (Trash Talk, King Krule, Girls) clip for “Snap Out of It” follows the IRL emotions of a woman who probably has a Tumblr full of Arctic Monkey gifs.

The woman (actress Stephanie Sigman) spends much of the video sobbing over Arctic Monkeys studio footage. It’s unclear whether she’s an AM superfan who literally can’t with her feels right now or if she’s a former Alex Turner who misses that perfect, perfect face. Either way, she’s having a hard time.

After cooking up some meat, though – because, you know, arousing imagery – she finally does snap out of it. She dances, just dances, dances all over the room like no one’s watching in her tight skirt and bra – because, again, arousing imagery. Seriously, the video starts with an unironic shot of her coming up out of the water in slow motion, skimping only on the sultry shake of the head as she breaks the surface. It all looks good, though, and it’s quite sensual, which was the whole point of the thing anyway.

Tyler Hanan

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