‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Pushed to 2016


For better or for worse, some horror films see more sequels than others. Paranormal Activity is one of those. It seems its creators, however, have found themselves in a dry well.

When Paramount Pictures revealed they were planning to release Paranormal Activity 5, they admitted they were having trouble finding an innovative, interesting new take. The film was pushed from an October 2013 release date to October 2014. Now with only four months until that goal, Paramount Pictures have pushed the release date back yet again. According to EMEA Edward Ryan, the fifth official film in the franchise will not be released until 2016.

This past January, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, an independent release, hit theaters and did not do nearly as well as their other films. It’s unknown if Paranormal Activity 5 will be an independent follow-up to The Marked Ones, a continuation of Paranormal Activity 4, or if it will even have the same director. All we know is that the studio is taking a very long breather — a decision that’s probably for the better.

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