A ‘Dead Rising’ Film Will be Coming to Your TV Screen, Courtesy of Crackle

Dead Rising

Gamers and horror fans, rejoice! Variety reports that the ink has recently dried on a deal between Legendary Pictures and Capcom regarding a film adaptation of their highly successful zombie survival franchise, Dead Rising. The film will be the first production to come from Legendary’s new branch, Legendary Digital Media, and will be made exclusively available on Sony’s Crackle service before it goes to SVOD, DVD, VOD and TV.

Now the idea of zombie movie adaptations are nothing new (look at Resident Evil, which premiered back in 2002), but judging by the turnout of last year’s novel-inspired World War Z, America clearly isn’t fed up with the undead just yet. The only names announced to be behind the project are the film’s executive producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers), and producer/writers Tim Carter and Tomas Harlan.

So far, there’s been neither an announced plot for the film, a release date, or even a director. Although the debut release of the video game franchise may have been directly inspired from Dawn of the Dead, I’m personally conflicted as to what kind of story I’d like to see played out here. Share your thoughts with UTG in the comments below.

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