Icona Pop Go Big Again With “Get Lost”


After taking over the world with “I Love It” and releasing a debut album that was more substantial than it had to be, Icona Pop have a brand new banger to unabashedly thrash to. The duo doesn’t have many tricks, but they don’t need much beyond the thrill and empowerment of the blasting beats and a chorus to shout/sing unashamedly in the car. It’s big and it’s dumb, but not in the usual radio-friendly cash grab way. Besides, Icona Pop are just so much fun.

I’m not sure “Get Lost” is another “I Love It,” or even another “All Night” or “Girlfriend,” but it’s new Icona Pop and it’s the middle of summer, and that’s enough for a few jam sessions. Enjoy it below. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from these two again soon, whether that be with a “Get Lost” video or something else.


Tyler Hanan

Tyler raves about movies on the Let The Right Films In podcast. Listen to him make jokes over his beleaguered cohost Kayla St. Onge and their more qualified guests who deserve so much better at soundcloud.com/ltrfipod. Find him on Twitter @tylerhanan.
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