Shabazz Palaces Release Their “#CAKE,” Get To Eat It Too


Shabazz Palaces are weird as hell, which is why we call them art rap – we don’t know what else to call something so off-kilter and bizarre. Everything about Shabazz follows suit. The songs are unpredictable and bear titles like “Are You… Can You… Were You? (Felt)” and “Swerve… The Reeping Of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding).” We didn’t know who they were for a while. The tracklist for the new album is… well, just take a look below to check that out.

Anyway, the band has followed up “They Come In Gold” with “#CAKE” (exhibit E), another track in advance of new record Lese Majesty‘s July 29 release on Sub Pop. It’s sublimely messy; genres and tempos ping-ponging back and forth with supreme disregard. Just as you settle into a groove, a warbly verse cuts in or a glitchy glob pops up. Subject yourself to Shabazz’s singular weirdness below, and ponder what kind of cake you think they were eating when they cut this. I have pistachio-cocunut with pink icing and just a tad of LSD in the office pool.

Lese Majesty Tracklisting:

Suite 1: The Phasing Shift
01 Dawn In Luxor
02 Forerunner Foray
03 They Come In Gold

Suite 2: Touch & Agree
04 Solemn Swears
05 Harem Aria
06 Noetic Noiromantics

07 The Ballad of Lt. Major Winnings

Suite 3: Palace War Council Meeting
08 Soundview
09 Ishmael
10 Down 155th in the MCM Snorkel

Suite 4: Pleasure Milieu
11 Divine of Form
12 #Cake

Suite 5: Federal Bureau Boys
13 Colluding Oligarchs
14 Suspicion of a Shape

Suite 6: High Climb To The Gallows
15 Mind Glitch Keytar Theme
16 Motion Sickness

Suite 7: Murkings On The Oxblood Starway
17 New Black Wave
18 Sonic Myth Map For the Trip Back

Tyler Hanan

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